Monday, July 14, 2008

We have Allie!!!

We are now doubly blessed with two daughters. Allie was amazing! She was actually at the door of the Civil Affairs office when we walked in. So, we didn't get a "gotcha pic" we weren't prepared for her to be there. She came right to us, though she was a bit timid. It didn't take long, and she was smiling, and can say momma, baba, gege, and Emma - smart girl, and she's doing great!! Emma is adjusting really well too, and they are already sharing toys!! God is good!!

Continue to pray for us over the next 19 days as we bond more as a family, and for Allie to continue to do so well.

Love to you all at home,
Bobby, Regina, Josh, Emma, and Allie


PletcherFamily said...

Congratulations! She looks great!

Carol said...


WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Praying for you!!!!

Jennifer Leslie said...

Congratulations, Bobby and Regina! What a beautiful family!