Friday, July 11, 2008

Here is our itinerary for China!!!

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July 12: Leave Roanoke at 6:10 AM

July 13: Families arrive in Shenyang. Harmon arrives on Flight CZ6108/21:15. Bishop arrives on Flight CA1625/19:10. Guide will meet them at airport and transfer to hotel.

July 14: Go to the Civil Affairs to meet their child and sign the agreement.

July 15: Go to the Civil Affairs again for the adoption registration, notarization.

July 16: Shengyang to Dalian by morning train # T540 (07:30-10:55) and apply child’s passport there in the afternoon. Stay in Dalian Ramada Plaza.

July 17: Rest.

July 18: Visit the Tiger Beach Park.

July 19-27: Free time. (waiting for child’s passport.)

July 28: Pick up the passport.

July 29: Dalian to Guangzhou on CZ6321 (08:55-12:10), transfer to Victory Hotel. Medical for the child and take photo in the afternoon.

July 30: Bishop 9:30am visa appointment at US Consulate.

July 31: Harmon 9:00am visa appointment at US Consulate. Bishop Family visits the Six Banyan Tree Temple. 16:00 Bishop Family picks up the visa.

Aug. 1: Bishop Family leaves Guangzhou for home on Flight CA1330/12:25, transfer to airport.

Home at 11:16 PM!!!!!

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The Gang's All Here! said...

Praying for safe travel, easy connections, and good rest for you all till your Gotcha Day. Can't wait to follow along. Again!

Hugs to you all.