Monday, April 28, 2008

Another busy weekend!

We started our weekend by celebrating Emma's PawPaw's birthday. Bobby's sister fixed a wonderful dinner for everyone, including homemade apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream - there went the diet this week!! Emma helped Paw open his presents, and had a great time! She ate ice cream out of everyone's bowl!!

Saturday, we worked around the house Saturday morning, then went grocery shopping for our Sunday School picnic on Saturday afternoon. We walked the trail at the end of 311, then went to Whispering Pines to have a meal together. Josh's Sunday School class joined us, and everyone had a great time! - even though it rained.

Sunday, we had church and Sunday School, and boy did our weekend go by fast!! Enjoy some of the pics we took...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lily is 5 years old!!

On Saturday, we went to Emma's friend, Lily's 5th birthday celebration. Russ and Deb had neighbors offer the use of a blow-up slide, and with all the other outside toys, the kids had a wonderful time! Deb had a really neat craft for all the kids to do - they made crowns, using glitter markers and stickers - they loved it!! The food was wonderful, and the cake was really neat, and made by Lily's older sister, Amanda. Emma was so tired, she slept for 3.5 hours after the party!!

I have party pics, and a few from this morning too...

Oh - yesterday was also ONE MONTH since our LID!!! Hurry up LOA - we are ready to bring sweet Allie home!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Little Construction Worker

Emma helped Bobby & Josh work on our new building this weekend. She helped, then she supervised. She just loves being outside, so we can't wait for the weather to get warm and stay that way!

Here is a few pics of our little construction worker, and a few after church today...Today, April 13, we have had our sweet Emma 8 months!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our weekend with friends

Emma had an appointment at Johns Hopkins on Friday for her 6 month check up. Praise the Lord, all is well, and Dr. Carson doesn't need to see her again for a year unless she begins to digress or has symptoms that would lend themsleves to show us her cord is being stretched.

After we left the hospital on Friday, we drove to visit wonderful friends in PA, the Haucks. Roger & Michelle are great friends we met through the adoption process, and they adopted their precious Meigan just a few months after we adopted Emma. We consider them our extended family, and we were so glad we could visit with them and meet Meigan! We had dinner Friday night at a local Chinese restaurant, and another couple we met, Chris and Kelly Long and three of their four children. The Longs have adopted 3 of their four children, one of them from China. They have been home a whole year now with Cammie. All three girls, Meigan, Cammie and Emma are just months apart. Emma is the oldest, at 26 months, then Cammie, 25 months, then Meigan, who will be two on April 24!! It is amazing to see the differences in them, particularly in size, when their ages are so close. Meigan is the smallest, under 20pounds, and at 31 inches. Then, Emma, at 22 pounds, and 32 inches, and then there is Cammie. Cammie is 39 inches, and I am not certain of her weight, but she looks more like a 3 year old than a little one that just turned 2 - All three girls are just beautiful (we're not prejudice or anything : 0 ) The last time we were all together, we were all still waiting on our girls from China. Now, we are all home with our little angels and so in love with them!

Thank you to Roger & Michelle for their hospitality this weekend! They are always opening their home for friends!! We love you all!

I am adding two slide shows - the first from our visit to PA, the second, a few pics from church today...