Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, BaBa!!

Bobby celebrated his birthday in China this year! We celebrated with cake and dinner at the Thai restaurant again. The girls loved the cake! Emma had eaten a lot of the icing off by the time Allie woke up from her nap. Allie quickly caught up with Emma feeding her! Bobby thought it was pretty good too.

We had cake first, then went to dinner. BaBa carried both his girls down the block to the restaurant. When we got back, Josh was pretending to cry, and Allie was telling him in Chinese "It will be OK GeGe" She was so concerned - she kept rubbing his arm, and his head, and talking away so softly in Chinese - too cute! She loves her GeGe just like Emma does. I sat down on the floor, and they both came snuggling mommie - two sweet girls (most of the time : 0 )

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The Gang's All Here! said...

Aaaaw, there's nothing as sweet as the little adoration sisters have on their big brothers! Glad that Allie has that now, to anchor her and help her learn all about being a little sister.