Sunday, July 27, 2008

Only one more day left in Dalian!!

This morning, we went across the street to Victory Plaza, a big open area with lots of vendor tents, restaurants, and open space, and let the girls blow bubbles. Then, we walked back to the Children's Park and let the girls ride a few rides. They did really well, and Allie loved the rides. She didn't want to get off. When we left there, we stopped by a nice supermarket and bought some drinks, some noodles, and some bread from their really good bakery. The smells in there are wonderful!! Enjoy the pics from our day...tomorrow, we pack up, and first thing Tuesday morning, we head out to the airport to go to Guangzhou for the final steps in Allie's adoption, then home next Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

What cool pictures. Watching them whirl is like being on the ride. I think Dalian looks really fun in the summer even if it is hot!! I love the darling dresses!
Pam (Dalian Group)