Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our free day in Guangzhou

We started our day at breakfast at 8:00, then had to be in the room from 9:30-10:30 to be sure all our consulate paperwork was OK. Our guide called around 10:50 to say all had gone well, and we are all set for our swearing in ceremony tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. So, after we got the good news, we headed out to do our shopping. We got squeaky shoes, and Chinese outfits for the girls red couch photo, which we will have to do tomorow sometime.

We also found a couple of really cute dresses and a few other small souveniers for the girls as well. We had lunch at Starbucks, and had a great mango frozen drink with our lunch. After lunch, we went back to the hotel to cool off a bit, then hit the shops again for a few more things, and to exchange a few things as well.

It was terribly hot today, the humidity is awful!! You step outside, and you are wringing wet!! So, after this bit of shopping, we came in to cool off again, then headed to dinner at the Cow & Bridge Restaurant. Our food was really good! After dinner, I started packing up a little, since we leave at 5:30 Friday morning, and tomorrow is a busy day of touring, pictures, and the consulate appointment. Enjoy some pictures from our day...

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Deb, Russ, Lily and Lucy said...

Sounds as if your day went well and everyone is doing great. I know you will be glad to get home. It has been a long time. Safe travel and our prayers-
deb and russ
SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!