Wednesday, March 31, 2010

God signs...

Yesterday, I went out at lunch to pick up new bows to match the girls Easter dresses.  As a sweet reminder of our beautiful third daughter, waiting in China, I saw a van with a little cloud painted on the back of it, with "Alyssa" across the little cloud - then, today, on my way back to work from the dentist office, I got behind an SUV with a license plate that read:  HOPE - how sweet to see her name - so clear she is our little girl!

I wish I could see her face when she finds out she has a family who loves her so much already!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday NaNa!!

Today is my mom's birthday - the girls sang to her after church this morning, and posed for some sweet pictures - in the first one, they are yelling, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!!!"

Care Package for Alyssa

Since we now have pre-appoval to adopt Alyssa, we have put together a care package to send to her.  We can't wait for her to know she has a family just waiting to bring her home!!  We included a dress with hearts all over it, a pink necklace, a Sonya Lee doll and video, some goody bags for her friends, and some gummies to eat, some books for writing, drawing and coloring, some stickers, a doodle pad, some crayons, and a fancy pen, a toothbrush, a couple of disposable cameras, and a note telling the nannies who have been caring for her how much we love her, and how excited we are that she will be our little girl!  We also included a puzzle, since her papework says she enjoys them, and, a photo album with pictures of us so she can see who we are.  We all packed the box together, and will mail it tomorrow!!

After getting the box packed, we headed over to the ball field - they had open house with free face-painting, balloons, field tours, free food, free jump toys, and lots of fun.  The girls had a great time, had their faces painted, and ate too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Smiles

Today was Pre-School Sunday, and the girls sang at the church where they go to school - they were precious!!  You could hear Emma and Allie singing!!  They did a really great job!!  What a blessing these children are!

Fun and busy weekend!!

The girls just love school!  Every day, they get ready, put on their backpacks, and skip or run down the sidewalk to the car.  Thursday morning, they wanted me to take their picture, so, that's the first shot.  The second pic is first thing, after they ate breakfast on Friday - they always have about 20 minutes of cartoon time before we have to go up and get ready for school, and they were being snuggly sisters Friday, so I just had to get a picture of that too!  We knew Saturday was supposed to be really nice outside, so we had promised to take them up to the star for a picnic and play.  They had a great time, running, playing, and jumping around!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here are a few more pics of Alyssa

This one is from May of 2006, so she was just 3 years old - look at those lips!!!

This one, in the green pants and striped top, in front is our girl - the kids are all singing!!  This was May of 2007, so she was 4 years old!

This one was in May 2008, so she was 5.  She had been singing for these business men - she loves to sing!!  She, Allie, and Emma may form their own little group!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

We're expecting!!!

Our LOI was sent to China last Thursday, and today, after ONLY 8 days!! we received our PA!!!!!  We are now so excited to introduce you to our oldest daughter from China, Tai Fujiang, soon to be Alyssa Hope Jiang, or Alyssa Hope Fujiang - haven't decided for sure on the Chinese part of her name...she turned 7 years old on February 16, and we are now in the paperchase again!!  She is in the Jiangsu Province, so we will be traveling to Nanjing, the capital city when we travel to complete our adoption and bring her home.  In her interview with Aleda Madison, Jiangjiang, as the nannies call her, was asked "what's the best thing that's ever happened to you?"  Her reply was, "It will be when I am adopted and go to live in America with my foreign mommie" - don't that just break you down???  She also hopes to visit her best friends again, and we definitely want to do that!!  Here are some pictures, mostly taken in November, with a few we have found through the family that adopted her best friend.  They live in Illinois, and the other family with her other best friend lives in Richmond!!  We hope to get the 3 back together again at some point.  In another post, I will share the amazing story of these sweet girls.  For now, enjoy some pictures of our newest daughter!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Emma's 4 year old photo shoot

We finally took Emma to have her 4 year old pictures made.  She did so great!  She smiled in every single one.  The girls taking the pictures had fun too, I think.  Here are some samples of the shoot...

Sometimes People ask WHY Adoption ?

Adoption is the best thing that can happen to anyone.  In Sunday School today, we talked about how God wants to adopt every single one of us and nurture us and love us, and feed us and provide an eternal home for us.  We have already been blessed twice by the miracle of adoption, and, now, God has put a third little girl on our hearts.  We are beginning the paperchase for Tai Fu Liang, soon to be Alyssa Hope Liang. 

I was reading another adoptive families blog that we met at the beach a couple years ago.  She linked to another families blog, and after reading it, there is no better answer for the question of  "WHY ADOPTION?"  For the answer, go to this address:

You will be glad you did!!

Sunday Smiles

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last weekend was Beach weekend

 The girls and I went with my mom and grandma to the beach last weekend.  The weather was nice, and the girls played in the sand, walked to the duck pond, and we all just relaxed - it was great!