Thursday, July 17, 2008

A bad day and a great day

Well, the bad part first: Bobby & I came down with the terrible stomach flu and had to stay in bed all day long. Sweet Josh took care of both his sisters, including diapers for Emma, and bathroom for Allie - he's a good boy, and we are very glad he was with us. Neither of us was in good enough shape to be able to hardly move, so it is a blessing Josh is here! He played with them, fed them, and allowed us to rest and feel better. Before he got sick, Bobby got two pics of Allie, so I will add them here. Hopefully we'll get out and get some sight-seeing today!!

Now, for the great part of the day: My dad had been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, and over the past several weeks has had lots of tests run to determine what needs to be done. What he has is called multiple myeloma, and it has several different forms. The first form, and, PRAISE THE LORD, that's what his is, requires no treatment, as it is not active, just there. The doctors will watch him closely, and he will have blood work done fairly frequently. When we first heard the news he had this, before all the testing was complete, we contacted everyone we knew, including a Christian mail group I am on with almost 3,000 members, our church, our Sunday School, and all our praying friends, and asked for prayer for him.

As always, God heard our prayers, and His will was favorable to our request. We are very thankful for this!

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The Gang's All Here! said...

Okay, first. That is the cutest outfit you have on Allie there - just the cutest thing ever! And second, she looks so happy and light - like the joy is spilling out her eyes. She's glowing.

Third - get better soon! I cannot even imagine being sick so far from home like you are! We'll pray for you all!