Monday, July 28, 2008

Two weeks with Allie, and our last night in Dalian

Today is two weeks since we received Allie at the Civil Affairs office in Shenyang. She has not been very shy anyway, but she now seems totally at ease with us, and is such a joy to have as our daughter. She and Emma are doing better than we expected them to, so we are very blessed. We prayed a lot for both of them and their adjustments to each other, and our prayers were answered. They seem to be normal little sisters now - both a little jealous, and both learning to share.

Tonight, we had dinner at a very nice restaurant across the street from the hotel called Papa's. Bobby has been eyeing a rib-eye steak on their menu board all week!! The girls had great spaghetti, Bobby had the steak and Josh and I had roasted chicken that was wonderful!! The girls were given a little stuffed animal, and I got a red rose at the end of the meal - nice touch! There was even live entertainment, a really good singer performing while we ate.

We have enjoyed our time here in Dalian, but we are ready to move on to Guangzhou, and we leave at 6:30 am tomorrow morning. It is a little bit sad, just as it was with Emma's adoption, to be leaving the place where our daughter was born, and the only place she has ever known. We are happy that she is now ours, and will be going home with us though!!


Carol said...

almost done.........have a safe trip..

We just got back from Hershey, I posted photos to the blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

What interesting pictures. Enjoyed seeing the resturant and the different foods too! Hurray almost to GZ! (Pam Dalian Group)

Deb, Russ, Lily and Lucy said...

so glad you are about to come home. Missed you tons... Have fun shopping in GZ...Hugs to all and our prayer are with you all.
love -
deb and russ