Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today, we visited the orphange where Allie spent her first two years and her last 13 days before we came for her. The orphanage director met us at the hotel and at first had said we could only see the outside of the SWI, but did allow us in once we arrived. She tried to get Allie to go to her, and she wouldn't - she came around behind her momma!! This appeared to make the director happy. Allie is bonding very well!

It made me very sad to count 30 babies in several of the first rooms we visited. They would not allow pictures of any of the children, but we got to visit with some of them. We saw the infant rooms, the toddler girl and boys rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, dining area, and the playroom.

In the playroom were children ranging in age from about 18 months up to about 3 years old. Oh, by the way, we found our third daughter while there : ) She is 3 years old, and we tried to talk them into letting us take her with us. The director smiled, and said she would trade us for Allie - strange. Anyway, she got very attached to Bobby, came to me, and called Josh GeGe. We did find out her name, and that paperwork has not yet been submitted to CCAA for her - you never know!! She had big eyes, and brown hair up in pig tails - adorable!! She cried when we left.

After the orphanage, we went to find Allie some new shoes. She came to us with one pair of sandals, and I wanted a pair of little white sneakers. Couldn't find any, but we did find a really cute pair of white sandals. She likes shoes, and got upset when we took them off to buy them - she had to wear them out of the store - just like Emma!!

While at the mall, we also had some DQ - Allie's first ice cream, and she thought it was pretty good. The morning activities tired both girls out, and they are sleeping, and snoring as I type!!


The Gang's All Here! said...

OMIGOSH! Are you kidding me? You crack me up. Of course, I have to go back and read all of it again, cuz the only line that stuck with me was that you found another daughter. You are killing me!!!!! It's true, it really is contagious. :)

Deb, Russ, Lily and Lucy said...

You are what?? that is awesome... thanks for your email..The girls are just precious. They are having so much can tell!! the glamour shots are wonderful.. Glad you are having fun and Allie is doing so well, just like Emma did.. So, cannot wait to hear more about your daughter that you have found...
deb and russ