Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The girls were all excited about the train ride

Allie and Emma were all excited about the train ride today. It was nice except for having to contend with our luggage. It lasted about 3.5 hours, and the girls did great. They ate, drank, played, and almost napped. By the time they settled down to nap, it was time to get off.

Then, it was off to the passport office in Dalian to get Allie's passport done, and interview with a police officer at the passport office. He asked what we did for a living, if we had time to spend with the little girl, why we wanted to adopt a Chinese girl, and finally said OK - fun, fun day - NOT!!!

Anyway, we are now done with all paperwork until we get to Guangzhou where we complete the American part of the adoption. We are here in Dalian from today, 7/16 until 7/29 when we leave for GZ. We hope to get to see the Olympic torch when it comes through this weekend. Our guide said he would do his best.

I am including pics of our train trip, with a few from the hotel we left in Shenyang earlier today...

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Carol said...

Wow Regina that is all I can say! She is smiling and happy already. That is really something! You really have it together!!! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!!