Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our weekend

On Friday, Emma got her second hair cut - oh, excuse me, trim. BaBa (Bobby) went with us, and told Brenda to NOT cut Emma's hair, just trim the ends a little. She said Okay, dad, we'll let it grow down to her but! I loved it! We left her bangs whispy, but trimmed a little, and trimmed all her ends. Her hair is pretty and thick, and keeping it trimmed will make it even thicker, and keep the ends from splitting. There are a few pics after the trim, and some from church today.

The adorable outfit and sweater Emma is wearing were made by a sweet lady named Kathy Smith that we go to church with - Kathy, thank you!! We love them!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our First Christmas with Emma

Our first Christmas with Emma was wonderful! She was excited about the gifts Santa had brought. She loves her kitchen, and has cooked us breakfast and dinner today, and made us lots of coffee. She loves to play on the computer, which isn't good, so she got a little one of her own to play on. She also got a Leap Frog Little Touch and books, a Hooked on phonics smart stick, a Doodle Pro, baby dolls, and lots more. Angie, the wonderful woman who loves and cares for her while we work, and her husband, Mark, gave her lots of pocketbooks, and jewelry. She loved it, and wanted to carry them all at the same time.

At Maw and Paws she got a really neat riding toy, a baby doll, and lots of other gifts today. She has been a trooper - playing hard, smiling a lot for pictures, and having a really good day.

I know she doesn't yet realize the importance of today, and the significance of the greatest gift, the gift of God's son Jesus, the reason we celebrate this day. But, one day, she will understand, and our prayer is that she will receive His gift to her of eternal life in Heaven. We are so thankful for Emma this year, and the privilege God has given us to be her parents and to raise her to know him in a personal relationship and to share His love with others.

Here are some pictures from our first Christmas with our newest little one, Emma Grace SiQi...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A birthday party & Christmas a little early

On Saturday, Emma was invited to her friend, Isabella's birthday party. Before the party,Emma helped mom in the kitchen - Saturday evening, we were having Christmas early with Justin and Megan, and Nana, Jerry, MaMa, Grandpa Charlie, Grandma Peggy, Aunt Gloria and Uncle Larry, and cousin Maria.

She really enjoyed the birthday party, and sweet Jennifer, Bella's mom, gave gifts to all the children and families too, for Christmas - thank you, Jennifer!

After the birthday party, we finished getting all our dishes ready for our early Christmas. Emma and Nana played until it was time to eat. Emma enjoyed her first Christmas dinner, and loved opening presents! She opened hers, Josh's and mom's, and gave everyone else theirs to open. She liked the toys, and is like her brother Justin when he was little. If it was a "white box" it got tossed. Clothes are OK, but bring on more toys!

The last few pictures are after Church on Sunday. The dress was a present from Nana and Jerry, and her bows had teeny jingle bells in them - she just looked adorable...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our weekend

was another busy one!! We spent Friday evening helping set up for Grandpa Charlie's Christmas get together for Saturday afternoon, then had dinner with friends Russ, Deb, Lily and Lucy at a local Chinese restaurant.

Saturday morning, I finished Christmas shopping, then Emma went to get her Christmas pictures made. Saturday afternoon was spent with family at Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Peggy's church.

Then, Sunday we went to early service to hear the Christmas musical, which was wonderful, then Sunday School. Emma made us two ornaments for our tree in her Sunday School today.

Here are a few pictures from our busy weekend...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Here it is...

Emma's first picture with Santa...

Sunday morning ready for church

Here is our little ham, all ready for church this morning...

Local FCC Christmas party

Our local Families with Children from China got together to celebrate Christmas last night. There were lots of families this time, some with several adopted home, some with one adopted home, one with a new referral for their daughter, one with part of the family on the way to China to bring home a son, and some still in the wait for "the call." It is a great group for support and information no matter where you are in the process. We always try to take lots of pictures, so please enjoy these from the party...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Emma went to see Santa this weekend!!

On Saturday, we went downtown to the History Museum to see Santa, and to Hotel Roanoke to see all the beautiful Christmas trees they have decorated. We went with our good friends Russ and Deb, and their two precious girls, Lily and Lucy. Emma was a little unsure of Santa at first, but as time went on, she scooted closer and closer. She loved all the Christmas trees at Hotel Roanoke too.

On Sunday after church, we went to the mall, and she sat on Santa's lap. I will have to post a picture of that later, since I don't have it on a disk yet. But, she rode the train both on Saturday, and on Sunday and loved that too! I think she will really enjoy Christmas this year!!

Enjoy the pictures from our weekend...