Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today is our 15 month LID anniversary!

That means that it has now been 15 months since our paperwork was logged in at the CCAA. The good thing about that at this point, is that we are through review, which should mean the rest of our process to get Emma home should move more quickly!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, we sent Emma's care package. I am attaching a picture of everything we crammed into the box - it was bulging when I took it to be mailed!! We sent a soft little Asian doll, another doll that says "I love you," a sleeper, a soft yellow capri outfit with hairbows, a couple of soft books, teething biscuits, a Sassy cell phone, a Dora mini see 'n say, a sippy cup, and the Sassy Who Loves Baby Album with pics of Bobby, me, and Josh, since we are the ones she will meet in China. We also included a picture of her room, her bed, her toys, and one of our cocker spaniels, Sandman. We also included a disposable camera, and asked that they take pictures and bring the camera to us on adoption day. We added a few gifts for her foster mom from Bath and Body, some Jelly Bellys, a letter to the orphanage director asking for the package to be delivered to her foster family, and a letter to her foster mother with a list of questions we hope that she will answer for us as well.

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