Thursday, June 28, 2007

FINALLY!! Here is the update on Emma

Sounds like she is a little spoiled already!!!

Early Life and Schedule

Guo Si Qi, Female, Born on January 24, 2006.

Si Qi is an active and outgoing little girl. Sometimes she has a
small temper and can be stubborn. If we give in to her demands, she will
quiet down. She already has established a relationship with her foster
family members. She likes to play with the family. She can hold onto the
fence to help her stand, and can hold a pen correctly. She can also build
lego with four to five pieces. She knows where her nose, eyes, and ears is.
She likes to call mother, grandmother, etc. She likes to read and will turn
pages one at a time. When she is holding onto something, she will not give
it away. If you take the object away from her, she will cry. She likes to
listen to the songs, "Jasmine", and "Only Mom is the Best in the World".
When she hears the music, she will start to move her hands and feet in an
effort to dance. She likes to play hide and seek. She wears corrective
shoes and she has to wear it at night; when she sleeps, she wakes up more
often when she is wearing the corrective shoes. She enjoys chewing on her
pillowcase when she goes to sleep. From the day, Si Qi came to the
institute, she has already established a good routine.
She has breakfast at 6:30, and lunch at 3:00. She drinks milk at
10:30, and at 6:30. At 6:30 she has rice porridge and soup. In between
meals she has fruits and snacks, and juice. She is not a picky eater. She
gets up at 6:30 in the morning and takes a 3 hour nap during the day. She
can go to bed by herself at 8:30. She likes to play with little and new
toys. Everyday she has one or two bowel movements and urinates 10-12 times
a day. She is used to diapers. Now that the weather is hot, she takes
three bathes a day, but likes to sit in a chair while bathing.

Maybe new pics will come tomorrow along with weight and height!!

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