Thursday, June 14, 2007

Great news!!

I spoke to Living Hope today, and got the OK to send little Emma Grace a care package!! We can include pictures of us for her foster mom to show her - we have a SASSY photo album that says "who loves baby" that she will be able to hold, chew, etc, and it won't hurt the pictures! This will give her a month or two to "get to know us" through the pictures before we go get her! Also, we will include pictures of her room and toys. We will send her an Asian baby doll, a few other small toys to play with, a couple of outfits, some gerber teething cookies, and some gifts for her foster mom.

This is just great! She will know she has a mama, baba, and big brother who is coming soon!! We will get the package together over the weekend, and post pictures before we put it in the mail on Monday.

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