Friday, June 1, 2007

Good News for SiQi !!!!

This week, we have been in touch with Love Without Boundaries about SiQi, and how long it is taking to get anywhere with our adoption. We want to be sure that her health is not worsened due to the length of this wait.

LWB is an organization that works with doctors and hospitals to provide care and needed surgeries for orphans in China. We forwarded the information we have including the MRI to them, and now, all SiQi's medical info is in the hands of Dr. Bao at the Shanghai Children's Hospital being reviewed! Praise the Lord that there is something we can do for her, even at this point, from here!

LWB will be back in touch with us with Dr. Bao's opinion soon!!

Still no word on where her file is, or when it might arrive at Living Hope, but, the folks there are sending a follow-up email today, and will make a call on Monday as well to determine if CCAA is willing to send them her file. - Please pray for this to happen, and to happen quickly!! This little one needs a mommie and a daddy!!

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