Monday, March 3, 2008

A busy weekend

We went to a birthday party for Miss Lucy on Saturday which was lots of fun. Thanks Deb and Russ for inviting us!! There were lots of Emma's little Chinese friends there, and sweet Karina from Guatamala. Lucy had a great time, and got lots of wonderful gifts. She is a beautiful little girl. Now for the bad news, we forgot our camera, so we don't have pics from the party.

Sunday, we worked to finish Allie's part of the girls room, and spent a little time outside too. So, the pics this week are of Allie's bed and wall, and Emma and family enjoying a break from house cleaning and rearranging furniture on Sunday afternoon...

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Carol said...

oooh look at those dimples!

Well sounds like you are close to adoption number 2!!!

Best wishes!!!