Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weekend of 10/05/07

We got home from Florida on Friday afternoon, and were picked up at the airport by NaNa (Regina's mom). We went home, and Emma played with MaMa and NaNa for a while. This time, I have pictures with MaMa.

On Saturday, we unpacked from Florida, and re-packed to go and visit wonderful friends, Roger and Michelle. They will be leaving soon to get their darling little daughter from China, Meigan Grace. Emma loved them! They gave her a gift, which she loved, and she just played and played with them. She entertained us all day Sunday.

On Monday, we went to Baltimore, to Johns Hopkins to see Dr. Carson. He will be the one to do Emma's surgery when the time comes.

Enjoy the pictures of our weekend...


The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm sure you've mentioned this before, but with all the blogs I check and all the families I know that are in process and/or finishing the process, I can't remember. Do you mind me asking what exactly it is that Emma needs surgery for? And where are you going for that surgery? And how did you prepare yourselves for all that is coming? We're praying about special needs and have soooooo many questions! I hope I'm not offending. My email is on my profile page if you want to go private. . . Thanks. And LOVE Emma's hair - so soft and silky looking!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm sooooooo sorry! I forgot that I made it private: my dad was a little concerned about protecting the kids' identities!

You can email me at whitneygang@verizon.net. And guard it with your life - or my big burly Dad will get you :)


PletcherFamily said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip! Emma seems to be doing very well! It was nice to see a picture of Dr. Carson. I haven't seen him in several years since I left Hopkins - and he looks about the same! He is such a wonderful man and that is the best hospital in the world! You will get terrific card there!
Take care and email us sometime!