Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wednesday night and Thursday

Wednesday night we went back to the Magic Kingdom so Emma could see the Country Bear Jamboree. She loved it! She clapped and sang, and yelled, "Yeah, Yeah!" the whole time.

Thursday, we went to MGM Studios where we saw lots of really cool things including a stunt show that was fascinating. They showed how some stunts are done in movies. Emma loved the parade at MGM too. It included lots of floats and Disney characters.

After we left MGM, we had dinner with another family from the St. Augustine area who has been home only 2 and a half weeks with their daughter from China. They went through all the same problems we did with two different agencies invloved. Their daughter, Ellie Tian is just beautiful. And, the Bodo's are a wonderful family, and we really enjoyed meeting you all in person!!

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