Monday, October 15, 2007

Emma's first trip to Chuck E Cheese

This was a couple of weeks ago now that Emma went to Chuck E Cheese to spend an afternoon with her friend Karina who was adopted from Guatemala. We visited with Marcie, her children, and Lori, another wonderful friend who has really prayed for our adoption situation when we thought we wouldn't get Emma, and for her health since we got her home. We actually met both Marcie and Lori as we have met other adoptive families come home with their children - long before we were even close to having Emma.

God has so richly blessed us with new friends throughout our adoption journey! Enjoy the pics from our afternoon at Chuck E Cheese...

On another note, last night when we got back from Charlotte, we had an email from Emma's foster mother. Of course, the email we couldn't read, but she had attached two pictures at the bottom of her and her daughter. They look happy, and we pray that they are now feeling better about Emma now being with her forever family. We have sent them pictures 4 times now since being home so that they can tell how much we love Emma and how well she is adjusting.

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