Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sad news today

We received a call from AHH today that CCAA had notified them that they will no longer approve a joint referral. What this means is that we will now have to get our dossier back from China, update a couple of things, and resubmit it through AHH. This is so sad for us because it means that our daughter will now be delayed in getting the medical attention she needs a bit longer. AHH is requesting CCAA to reconsider, and we hope to have a response sometime tomorrow morning. Please pray that they will reconsider and let us have our baby girl very soon!!!

We do know that God is still in control, and that He loves Emma more than we do. His timing will be perfect, it is just sometimes difficult for us to understand. We have faith that He will keep her well until she is home with us!

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