Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One year ago today...

We received the following email from Living Hope, our adoption agency:

CONGRATULATIONS! Your dossiers were sent to China today, Febraury 13th, 2006! I am thrilled for each one of you and it has been great working with each of you! You are now entering the Waiting Phase of the adoption process, which may seem daunting, but please remember that we are always here for you! If you need anything as you wait, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Currently, it is taking 3-4 weeks to get logged into the CCAA, and it will take approximately one month (after you are logged in) for us to receive confirmation regarding your log in date. Once you are logged in, the current referral time is 8-9 months. This time frame has been fluctuating for some time, so it is hard to predict how the time frame will continue to move. I will keep you up to date regarding any changes. Once you receive your referral, it typically takes 7-8 weeks until you travel.

Again…CONGRATULATIONS! We are thrilled to be sending your paperwork to China! You can now take a big sigh of relief and celebrate!

Capture a child's heart, one life at a time...

Sometimes, it seems like it was just yesterday, and at other times, a lifetime ago. Also, at the time, the wait was about half what it currently is.

We are now following the SN route to our daughter, and won't be traveling with some of the people that we have had contact with since the beginning. This is sad for us, as we have become great friends with one family, the Haucks, and really were hoping to travel together. Sometimes God just changes things, and we are so very excited to have found our little Emma!!

Isn't she just gorgeous???

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