Tuesday, February 6, 2007

One year ago today, we were in Washington, DC at the US Department of State at 7:00 am getting our dossier documents sealed, signed by Condolesa Rice, then it was off to the Chinese Consulate for authentication. You had to be in their office with documents handed over by 11:00 in order to get them back the same day. We were there early, about 8:30, even before they opened. However, as we were filling out the forms to give them, counted our documents, and realized we were one short. We had the hotel make copies of all our documents including the state seals, and they had left one, our I-171H on their copy machine. Bobby had to walk back to the car, drive back to the hotel, get the form, and get back by the time they called our number. They called while he was gone, but were wonderful, and said as soon as he returned with the document, to come back to the window and they would take us.

Forms were authenticated, we picked them up at 1:30, and stopped in Harrisonburg at a FedEX, made copies of the Chinese authentications, and FedEx'd all to Living Hope, so our dossier could finally be mailed to China. Then, the wait began!!!

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