Sunday, August 29, 2010

Very busy week!!!

We had a very busy week!! First, it was the first week of school - Emma started an all-day Pre-K, and she loves it! Allie is in Kindergarten - I can't believe she's in school already! She had a great week too! Then, on Wednesday, we received our LOA!!! On Thursday, it was received by FEDEX, signed, and sent right back out!! We may be traveling sometime between Mid-November, and early December to bring our sweet Alyssa home!! Then, Friday was Josh's 23rd birthday! How in the world is my baby boy 23 already??????? On Saturday, my nephew was officially out of the Marines, so we had a family get together for him, then, finally, on Saturday evening, our wonderful friends the Browns, Anne, and Buster, were at Barnes & Noble (they moved to Newport News 11 years ago). Buster has had his first book published, and did a book-signing! It was so great to visit with them, and others who showed up - like a family reunion!! Enjoy some pictures from our busy week and weekend!!

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