Sunday, August 8, 2010

Church was awesome today!

We had a guest pastor today, Junior Hill - he is great!  He shares God's love from his heart, and so many made decisions today.  One special little girl in our lives, our friends 7 year old daughter, Lily, gave her heart to Jesus today - how awesome is our God, that He loves us all so much - that He loves every single one, and wants ALL of us to know the joy of being his child - adopted by Him, chosen by Him - that if He could have only saved one of us, He would have died on that cross anyway! 

Emma is now asking questions about what being saved means - when I told her it meant asking Jesus to live in your heart, following His will for her life, living for Him, and living with Him forever in Heaven - her sweet reply was, "but I want to live with you, momma!"  Then, I explained that since I was saved, and would live in Heaven one day, she would still get to live with her momma, it made her feel all better!  Don't you just love how their little minds work!!  So blessed that they keep us on our toes!!  That's all we want for our children - to belong to Him!


Jeff said...

Do you know if there's any audio available of Dr. Hunt's sermon? You have to pay for the CDs at his church and I'd like to load my mp3 player for free, if possible.

Sue Lucas said...

That is so awesome that is what any adoption is all about but especially from a country where it would take an extreme miracle for them to even hear about Jesus.Praying for you all and your little Alyssa.