Thursday, January 25, 2007

WOW!! What a birthday present (today is mine)

I have to share this with you!! First, the neurologist who has been looking at all our information to this point didn't have any appts. until April. He told us to come at 8:00 this morning, and he would look at the actual MRI and go over it with us. We were told that there would be a fee for the consultation. Anyway, on our way to his office, we heard "Our God is an Awesome God" on the radio. When we went into his office, on his credenza (don't think that is spelled right) there was one of the wooden signs that spelled Jesus. That made me smile. Then, he went over some information from his initial review of the info we sent to him, then looked at the MRI. He pointed out some things to us, but feels that at some point we will do the detethering, and shouldn't have any real problems. He doesn't do surgery but told us 1) he would have a radiologist check it out if we didn't mind him keeping the film, and 2) he was meeting with a neurosurgeon, and that he would use that consult to also run our precious little ones info by him for his opinion, and a recommendation of a pediatric neurosurgeon. YES, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!!!!!!!!
At the end of our meeting, he shook our hands, and said he knew that there had been mention of a fee, but he was not going to charge us anything for the visit - money we can now save to bring our baby home!! Then, on the way to work, I heard "Sing Praise" - so, I've been telling everyone just how AWESOME our God is!!!

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