Monday, January 22, 2007

Where is she?

Emma is in Guangxi, in foster care in Nanning, the capital. Below is the information I found on the region that she is from.
Guangxi Province(Wide East)Population: 46.6 millionLush and green for the most of the year, Guangxi (Gwan-she) rambles gently south from the highlands it shares with Guizhou Province to a tropical coastland and a border with Vietnam. It is said that the mountains and rivers of Guangxi are the most beautiful under heaven. Postcard-perfect, limestone mountains and colorful paddy-field landscapes are found in the north near the eastern city of Guilin (Gwee-lynn), which is easily accessible from Hong Kong and has become a massive tourist haven. The capital of Guanxi, Nanning, is found in the southwest, on the banks of the Yongjiang River.

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