Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cabled today for Mandi!!!

We received our email from the NVC today that we had been cabled!!  Madison is hoping to have it dropped off at CCAA tomorrow so our Article 5 will be ready Dec 2, and, hopefully, our TA issued within a week after.  We are trying to determine if we can leave Dec 10 and get Alyssa first, and have our TA delivered to us in China for Mandi, so we can be home Jan 1.

We also had a call just a few minutes ago from Sheri with Gifts to China With Love.  She had received pictures of Mandi, and wanted me to know she was sending them!!  What a great surprise tonight!  Here is a couple of them!!  She is holding our pictures!!!


Kim said...

Congrats!! And isn't it great to get pictures! Today we received a beautiful set of pictures made into a calendar for us, from Kelly. We are in love. We are not, however, in the fast lane. Can't wait to hear the next news! Love, Kim

Annie said...

She is so beautiful!!! New pics always help SO much!

God's Grace said...

She really is so beautiful! I think I may check our Gifts to China with love! I won't be long now for you to be united at last! Terry