Thursday, October 14, 2010

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, we received PA or pre-approval to adopt daughter number 4 from China!!  We are very excited, and blessed to be able to bring our Mandi Joy Liyang home at the same time we bring home Alyssa - hopefully, traveling in December, getting home before Christmas!!  Now that we have received our PA, we can post her picture!!


Annie said...

Again, so incredibly happy for you Regina!!!! Cannot wait to follow along on your beautiful journey!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

WOW! I was just looking at her picture the other day! Congrats! I can't wait for you to help me!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

I was just looking at her a few months ago, and wishing we could adopt her! I am so glad she is yours now. Congratulations!

Gifts to China With Love said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL girl...and such a sweet soul. You can just see it in her eyes.

Congratulations on both of your new daughters.
You are truly blessed.