Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just thinking...

Bobby has gone fishing with his dad for the weekend (for his birthday), and my mom spent a couple of days here with us and helped to get some things done at home.  Tonight, both girls are sleeping so sweetly, and, when I look at their little faces, I just can't believe how blessed we are.  Blessed to have each other, our families, our children, and our sweet Alyssa on the way!  Only God could have orchestrated this crazy, wonderful, loving group to come together as a family.  Our two boys have grown into wonderful, sweet, God-loving men who still like to spend time with mom and dad - our two girls are totally spoiled by everyone in our family, and they are all looking forward to Alyssa joining us soon.  We have a lovely, sweet daughter-in-law, and are looking forward to having a grand-baby (or 2) in the next few years.  We have great friends, an amazing church family, and an awesome God who brought us together and holds us together, and is working to mold us to be more like Him each day. 

As we proceed with our third adoption, we are amazed at how He has provided this far into the process, and trust fully that He will continue to work through others to help us bring our sweet girl home!  We are working on grant applications, and praying at least one will come through to help us get our sweetheart home this year.  We are still baking, taking donations for our Ridgeway Waterfall Clock giveaway, and, wonderful friends and family have made donations to help through The Shepherd's Crook - a great way to give and can be used as a tax deduction as well.

What better can we do with our time and money than to invest in the life of a child - a child that one day may come to know Jesus as their Savior - maybe to share with others their story, their heart, and the love of our Heavenly Father.  For them to know that not only were they chosen by us as their parents, but also chosen to be adopted by Him, to live an eternal life with God in Heaven, with all their loved ones who will go before and after.  It breaks my heart that so many children will spend their lives in orphanages with no real family to love and love them, no one to share with them God's plan and love.  Although this will (probably) be our last adoption, we hope to help others as we can financially, and in prayer as they go through this amazing process. 

We have made wonderful friends, both on-line and in person through our adoption journies.  God has placed so many on our hearts, and we pray for so many each night.  What a blessing this journey has been, and continues to be - to see so many who have the same heart we have for these precious little ones - only God can do that!  We are blessed indeed, and so very thankful!


The Gang's Momma! said...

What a beautiful post. Just the encouragement I needed today. I am still praying and hoping for a start to a second journey. Praying and trying to wait patiently for an answer. This was a good post to read :)

Love for Lilly Yin said...

We missed you at the beach! I thought I saw you but I guess it wasn't you! : ( We are all so blessed!