Sunday, September 14, 2008

An email from Emma's foster sister in China

June 1 was children's day in China, and her foster mother and her daughter sent Emma gifts in celebration of her first children's day in America. A few weeks ago, I finally sent them some pictures of her opening the package, and also an email to let them know that we were adopting again, and that Emma would have a sister. We included a picture of Allie too, just after we got home with her.

On Friday, I received an email response from her foster sister, Rong, and I sent it to have it translated. I received it back today:

Dear SiQi,
How are you doing! A few days ago a recieved a letter from you and some picures also, thank your mom for sending this to us. We are very happy to the pictures. We can see from the pictures that you have grown up a lot and are taller than you were before. You are so cute, and you look like an angel. Your sister also looks very sweet and cute in the picture. The picture makes me want to hug you and kiss you. You look so happy, you are lucky to have your forever family with your parents and brother and sister. You also have a kind and loving mom who takes good care of you. I thank her and love her taking care of you. In a few days it will be Chinese traditional Autum moon festival. During this time all families will try to get together. During this time momy and I will miss you very much.Dear sister I wish that you could spend this festival with us. I also wish that you will be healthy and happy each day.
Your Chinese Sister,

Here is a picture of Emma opening her presents, and one of her and her foster sister in China, and the foster mother who took such good care of her and loved her very much...

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Carol said...

OH that is so incredible....I wish Emily had this too.....wonderful!!