Sunday, August 24, 2008

A beautiful week for lots of outside fun

The weather this week was beautiful - some days almost like fall! We really enjoyed spending lots of time outside with the girls. They played on the swings, in the yard, walked to the school and played on the slides, romping with BaBa in the yard, and just having a good time. On Friday, Allie had her appointment with the doctors at the cleft clinic. The appointment went well, and we had pretty good reports. The first doctor we saw was the dentist. He told us what we already knew, Allie needs some major dental work, and pretty quickly. So, we will be calling the pediatric dentist on Monday. The second doctor we saw was the plastic surgeon, and he said that the doctors in China did a pretty good job with Allie's repair, that they would most likely do a lip and nose revision in a few years, but it looked good. Then we had a visit with the speech folks. Since Allie has only been home 6 weeks, they couldn't really evaluate her speech, but are sending a recommendation to the school system on Monday for Allie to have some speech therapy. They said this will help her in her language acquisition as well as in the pronounciation. We didn't get to see the ENT or the orthodontist, but will see them next time. When we were done, and as we were leaving, Allie did finally say something to the "speech lady" - Bobby got her to say, "bye-bye, I love you" - they melted! So, we go back in 6 months for a further evaluation on her speech, and to see the doctors we missed this time. Enjoy some pictures from our busy, and fun week...

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