Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still waiting on our TA for Allie

But we are staying busy!! This weekend, we had a yard sale on Saturday, had a Sunday School fellowship/birthday party Saturday evening, Church and Sunday School Sunday, worked around the house for the afternoon trying to get things cleaned up and cleaned out before our trip.

We are praying that our TA comes tomorrow, and that we will be leaving for China sometime the following week. I have the girls stuff packed, the suitcase packed with things to take to the orphanage, and my clothes together. Bobby & Josh better get with it!!

Enjoy some pics of Emma over the weekend - she is very excited to be close to bringing her sister home - every day now, she says, "Ready to go to China to get Sissie Allie?" She kisses and hugs her picture every day too!! We can't wait to have our two girls together!!

Pleae pray for Allie to adjust well to us, and to let us comfort her as she will surely grieve the loss of her foster family.


Carol said...

Wow Regina, her face is changing from those earlier photos...Emily is changing too..she is growing in height, but the weight is still the same....25 pounds...she turns 3 in August!! Unreal!!

Hope you get back from China and can come to Hershey with us!!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Oooooh, send me packing lists! Send me ideas for gifts for China. Send me ideas. Would love your brain power here - I'm turning to mush with all the stuff going on here. It never ends . . .