Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We've had a sick baby

Poor Emma has had an ear infection since last Thursday. During the night, she had a fever of 105! Scared us to death! She got to the doctor first thing Friday morning, and we found our her right ear was really infected, and she had lots of drainage (including a bad cough). Nobody in the house has slept a full night until last night, since last Thursday. We have been on amoxicillin since lunch time Friday, and she's feeling better now! Praise the Lord she is, because tomorrow is her 2nd birthday!!

That's right, our little angel will be 2 tomorrow, January 24! We are taking cupcakes to the baby sitters for everyone, and will have a small celebration at home tomorrow night. We are having a big birthday party Saturday with family and friends to celebrate her first birthday in the US with her forever family!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma Grace.
God Bless you.

David & Tammy Wilson