Sunday, December 23, 2007

A birthday party & Christmas a little early

On Saturday, Emma was invited to her friend, Isabella's birthday party. Before the party,Emma helped mom in the kitchen - Saturday evening, we were having Christmas early with Justin and Megan, and Nana, Jerry, MaMa, Grandpa Charlie, Grandma Peggy, Aunt Gloria and Uncle Larry, and cousin Maria.

She really enjoyed the birthday party, and sweet Jennifer, Bella's mom, gave gifts to all the children and families too, for Christmas - thank you, Jennifer!

After the birthday party, we finished getting all our dishes ready for our early Christmas. Emma and Nana played until it was time to eat. Emma enjoyed her first Christmas dinner, and loved opening presents! She opened hers, Josh's and mom's, and gave everyone else theirs to open. She liked the toys, and is like her brother Justin when he was little. If it was a "white box" it got tossed. Clothes are OK, but bring on more toys!

The last few pictures are after Church on Sunday. The dress was a present from Nana and Jerry, and her bows had teeny jingle bells in them - she just looked adorable...


colbylobrien said...

God definitely gave Emma an extra dose of cuteness, didn't He?! What a doll she is!

Lois O'Brien

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

How cute!!!