Saturday, July 21, 2007

More information from Orlando, and about Emma's foster mom

God's hand in this entire process has been totally amazing!!! I have pasted another email from the wonderful woman in Orlando who has contacted us. Now, we have information from May, who is Jing Yan's (Emma's foster mother) best friend. I just get more emotional every day. If you read this, you might need a tissue!!

"Hi Regina! Wow, that is so great you will be traveling to Orlando. Hopefully we can hook up for dinner or something. We would love to meet you and your new daughter.

I wanted to share a part of an email I just got from our foster mother's friend, May...the translator who now lives in WA state.

The photos she mentions must be on the disposable camera I sent with May a couple of months ago. She took additional photos for me when she went back to China for a visit. I asked her to take photos of the surrounding area and things that might be of interest to our daughter, Leah. Now that I know Emma is in some of the photos, it is just the motivation I need to get them developed. I will go today to get double copies and mail them to you if you send me your address.

After reading this email, you might be a little more apprehensive about when you actually get Emma. If Jing Yan is there at the time, I know she will do great. You have nothing to worry about. She and her daughter, Rong, brought Leah to the room and they were all troopers. When I watch the video now I see how much JingYan really was affected, but at the time I didn't pick up on anything. She was kind of fidgety and her hands were shaking badly. You hear horror stories of how the foster parents hold on to the kids and cry and cry. I am sure JingYan will be crying before and afterwards, but I don't think you will see it when you go. She was VERY professional - not a tear shed. When it was time to go she just told Leah good bye and waved to her...gave her a tiny hug and was on her way. Emma is probably her fourth foster child and she is now used to doing this. However, I am sure she will miss her terribly. That is the part that just breaks my heart. However, from day 1 they know that this is a part of their job. I used to cry thinking about how hard that must have been for we just pray for her :) She really is an amazing woman. I think your daughter and mine have been personalities that she really bonded well with. I remember that wasn't the case with one of the other girls...she was a bit more "difficult" to care for.

That is sweet of her that she is offering to make you both a dress. She did this once before for my 3 girls. As sweet as it is, I know it is nothing I would ever wear....I will probably pass. If you end up getting one, I want to see the pictures :)

One more you remember the photo of Emma when she was really little holding the giraffe? I really think that is a toy that we mailed to Leah when she was still there. We saw it in Leah's photos in China, but it was never returned to her. That is so cool to think that Emma has played with it. She is such a cutie! Have you mailed a little backpack to Emma? The orphanage director recommended that we do that before we arrived. When Leah came to us she had it on her back and was very proud of it. She had it full of candies and treats which really helped during the time when we got her. It kept her quite entertained.

Well, let me know if you want to know anything else specifically. As I type, I am constantly interrupted by two VERY active precious little ones, but I will write when I can...just bear with me if some of it is repetitive or incoherent. It is sometimes hard getting complete sentences out when you are distracted over and over. I am not complaining though...I wouldn't trade those interruptions for anything in the world :)

I got goosebumps when you wrote about how you thought about your daughter possibly one day taking the Gospel back to China. I pray for both of my daughters that they can one day be used by God in a mighty way....perhaps in China. We talk about that often. Some good friends of ours just got back from China on a Campus Crusade "secret undercover mission trip". They said it is remarkable what is going on there in the underground churches! God really is moving!

Well, my girls are asking for food...I will talk with you again soon. Did I read you already got your travel dates? Can you give them to me again so I can write them down?

Your new friend :)


----- Original
I have just called Jing Yan and told her the great news from you. She was sooooooooo excited and happied. She said you are the best person in the world, she is so lucky to have you to be her family (she think you are her family now J). She wanted me to ask you a favor. Could you please give her you, Kelly and the two little girls’ measurement? She would like to make Chinese clothes for you four. (As sheath with slit skirt). She wants to make for Guo Si Qi’s new mom and Guo Si Qi too. She also wants to know what color is good for you and Guo Si Qi’s new mom. Please ask Guo Si Qi’s new mom and feel free to let Jing Yan know. I would be very happy to translate this for you. It make me feel I am special J if I do this for you.
Jing Yan and her daughter are doing well. Jing Yan said it will be a little difficult to her to let Guo Si Qi left her. She will feel alone again. Now her daughter, Rong’s company is in Liuzhou city which far away from Nanning , then she said she will be ok.
Thanks forward JingYan's foster child's new family‘s email to me. I am very happy to read it. I am looking forward to hearing from her family.

Well, you mentioned if I have seen Guo Si Qi when I was in China In April. Yes, I have seen her, and I took some pictures of her and Jing Yan. Jing Yan was feeding her with food pot. I remembered that I have sent them to you.
Now here it is raining. It is good for our grass and flowers. I enjoy them very much:)Hope have great weekend.Your frends,May"


Carol said...

left a comment, don't know where it went...I wanted to say that I'm saying a prayer for your TA......

Hope you see it this week....

The Gang's All Here! said...

thanks for your note on my blog - it's nice to "meet you." hee hee!

we're excited to hear more of your story and what GOD will do in the days coming. pack well, and enjoy every minute of the anticipation and suspense :)